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GetHumans Info - Terms and Conditions

Every individual is hereby requested to read the following terms and conditions. It concerns the use of GetHumans Info Directory and Website. The use of the directory and website are subject to the subsequent terms and conditions. Every customer must adhere to these terms and conditions, if he/she intends to use the directory and website. If he/she does not agree to the following, it is therefore instructed to not use the directory and website.


Application Of Terms and Conditions

Before proceeding to the terms and conditions, please understand how it is applied. 

  1. All the terms and conditions apply to all persons acquiring information of the businesses and services from GetHumans Info directory or Get Human website and the business owners whose information is listed with us. 

  2. By connecting with a business owner through the directory or the website, you agree to all the terms and conditions. 

  3. As a user, you must read the terms and conditions in conjunction with the Disclaimer which can be found on our site. 

  4. Any information or content submitted to GetHumans Info remains subject to modification at all times, as per the preference of the website/directory.


Terms and Conditions –


  • GetHumans Info directory and website is a reliable record of businesses and services available in our community. We provide a listing of businesses and services that approach us voluntarily to be a part of our directory.
  • In no way does GetHumans Info endorse or promote the collection of information made available to the members or users of the directory or the website.
  • As a user, you must understand and agree that GetHumans Info is not responsible for any type of dispute or damage arising through your negotiation with the business owners through our website.
  • The accuracy, legality and reliability are explicitly disclaimed by GetHumans Info.
  • All your dealings with the business owners listed in the directory are personal and GetHumans Info does not hold any responsibility for the results emerging out of the dealings.
  • A member is solely responsible for conducting any type of transaction or business dealing with the business owner listed in the directory or the website.
  • Any type of engagement with a business owner- payment and delivery of goods, services, promotions, warranties, promises, agreements etc. is exclusively the member’s responsibility. No accountability of the engagement will be taken by GetHumans Info.
  • To list your business and services with us, you must create a user account with us. Zero cost is involved in the creation of a user account. 
  • Once you have created the user account, kindly keep the password safe and secure.
  • You can choose between the variety of packages GetHumans Info offers for the listing of your business on our site or directory. 
  • You can also request for additional services but GetHumans Info does not guarantee fulfilment of any request. 
  • You can choose to terminate the content or business information listed on our site as and when you want. We will remove your listing as soon as possible. 


GetHumans Info provides the customer service directory to anyone seeking help or assistance from a brand’s customer support unit. Our directory is a reliable resource for residents and business owners who want to get in touch with a particular customer support channel or register their physical office/shop/store/location, respectively. We offers listing to only licensed business owners. You are also eligible if you are a tax payer resident and offer a particular service.

GetHumans Info functions on a voluntary method and strictly prohibits any type of solicitor approach. Businesses whether individual or group can submit their information intentionally for listing. GetHumans Info does not bear any risk involved in connecting with an outside site. Linking with external sites that provide additional information is at your own risk. We does not hold any responsibility for the accuracy of the listed content and does not endorse it in any form. GetHumans.Info does not acknowledge any kind of liability arising from the use of the listed content.